Tumbando Cabeza

Orquesta Tabaco y Ron

  • Release 2005
  • Genre Salsa-Studio

Pianist and band leader Hector Manuel Rivera continues to produce the West Coast’s most sizzling club-ready salsa. This is the stuff salsa dancers dream of. With the muscle of timbalero Cesar Espinoza, Orquesta Tabaco y Ron blasts through tracks with titles like “Herencia Rumbera,” “Tumbando Cabeza,” “Los Metales De Tabaco Y Ron,” “Etoy Caliente,” and “Diablo.” Do you require further explanation? I didn’t think so.

With a relentless Martin Padilla providing the vocals, Tumbao Cabeza also features bassists Rene Camacho, George Lopez and Rigoberto Lopez, trumpeter Serafin Aguilar, bone player Humberto Ruiz and others. Includes a bonus track that’s a live version of “Llororas,” — the big Oscar D’Leon hit.

If you’re looking for high-octane non-stop salsa dura, look no further — this is it. A Big DJ Alert. Highly Recommended. – descarga.com